Angels Wear Gowns

Thank you Angels Wear Gowns Volunteer! You’re now part of a Michigan community of volunteers protecting our frontline heroes in need of hospital approved isolation gowns. Since April 1, we have delivered over 41,000 Hospital Approved Isolation Gowns to 279 facilities in SE and Metro Detroit such as Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Police and Fire Depts., EMS, County Jails and with your help, we’ll deliver thousands more around the country until these gowns are no longer needed.

We are awed and inspired by your generous heart and hands. Without you, then who? So THANK YOU for responding to this critical PPE shortage by saying yes to this work. We are looking for businesses to donate materials, so please reach through your networks to help us secure material or financial donations.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please read this sheet carefully PRIOR to making your gowns.
Extreme Safe Handling + Preparing a Sanitized Space
Please use EXTREME safe hygiene while handling all materials and disinfect any surfaces or tools your materials touch, as well as the box containing the plastic roll. Once you finish a gown, immediately roll it up and tie with strips of plastic cut from the excess and place into a clean plastic bag and store in a clean space. Each hospital also has their own protocol to sanitize donated items once received. Many CLEAN and WASHED hands make light work!

What You’ll Need
10×100 4-mil plastic roll, gown template, heavy duty black duct tape, a very large table (or tables pushed together), scissors, clips (clothespins work best), permanent marker.

How to make the gown: Watch the 6 min. Video Tutorial
IMPORTANT! If you have further questions, please view the 15 min. Detailed Tutorial

6 Min. Tutorial

15 Min. Detailed Tutorial

After You Complete Your Gowns
After you’ve made ALL of your gowns, please contact your lead organizer to
coordinate gown drop-off. We will either collect them at one designated spot or coordinate a drop-off to a requesting facility to reduce the number of visits to hospital drop-off sites. We’re fielding requests daily, we appreciate your patience with this!

If You Receive a Request for Donation
Please direct the facility to email

Please take photos and tag #AngelsWearGowns!
This will inspire and encourage your fellow volunteers and in other communities as well as spread hope and love in our small corner of this world!

Questions? Please call/text: Robyn Staebler 517-812-1368