Barb Galonsky

AWG come into my life just as it was critically needed for my husband’s office. He is a family doctor and in mid May he mentioned that their supply of gowns was growing low and they are unable to purchase more. My sister-in-law is part of Amanda Jean’s fabulous mask making group and saw the AWG post. I jumped on it. In this time of social isolation it has been so wonderful to see the gratitude so many volunteers feel – to be able to help with a no-sew project that truly helps folks on the front line. I enjoy sharing the amazing story of how AWG came to be and how much has been accomplished in such a short time. 25,000 by this weekend! It is a powerful feeling of joy and giving that comes from being part of such an amazing group volunteers. I love seeing the group grow across the country and am thrilled that my friend in LA is now part of this group! So far and yet soooo close together in our efforts. I enjoy meeting the Lowes staff as well. They are all so generous and interested in what we are doing. I want to hug you all but that will have to wait. I really love being part of such a dedicated hard working group – even though I will never meet most of you – and wouldn’t recognize those of you I have met!

Designation: AWG Volunteer